Traveling experiences

Experience Design lecture 2010 | 24 students | 9CP

Traveling is an experience in itself. The unique landscape, interesting sights and all the many stimulating impressions. But unfortunately we cannot travel the whole time? In our lecture we asked ourselves what makes a train journey, even if you only commute, a positive traveling experience? Together with Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) and our students we conducted a brief interview study, seeking for positive traveling experiences on and beyond the train.

Our students were asked to derive core elements of the collected experiences and to recreate them by making use of an object.

Daydream pillow by Gary Kunkel & Bartosch Cylkowski

For instance, Bartosch Cylkowsky and Garry Kunkel figured out that during a train journey people watch out of the window and start having a daydream. While seeing the landscape, old castles and huge forests passing by they start to cook up a story in their mind. The daydream pillow enables you to cook up such a story. Putting the pillow to the window, it starts to play location based audio files that are interwoven with the landscape. Thus it evokes a story based on an augmented – but still natural – reality.