The pleasure of reading - Die Lust am Lesen

Pleasurable Troublemaker by Anne Karrenbrock
Supervised master thesis by Matthias Laschke & Kathrin Busch (UdK Berlin) | 2016

The desire for autonomy, competence and new experiences are basic human needs. A good book is able to satisfy these needs. Reading a book means taking time out for ones self, while also providing the opportunity to learn. Eventhough some of us have the intention of reading more, we don't usually plan it into our daily routine. This lamp creates an atmosphere which aids reading, but also reminds us of our intentions. 

The user decides when and where they would like the lamp to remind them of their daily reading routine when they set it up. Use as a bookmark is possible by simply laying the open book over the lamp.   

Once set up, it turns on at the specified time every day to offer its light for you to read by. Should you not wish to read at that moment, simply lift the book slightly and set it down into position again and the light turns off. Even if you place the book back directly every so often, the lamps steady reminder will certainly make it easier to read just a little more in your day to day life, than if you had to remind yourself.  

It offers just a gentle reminder for a more pleasurable reading behaviour and rewarding moments with a great book.