Pleasurable Troublemaker by Holger Klapperich
Supervised bachelor thesis by Matthias Laschke & Marc Hassenzahl | 2011

Being alone is not only a negative feeling. Doing things the way you want them to do is sometimes rather about autonomy than loneliness. However, being in a relationship is always about making compromises of being alone and together. Holger Klapperich addressed this contrast in his bachelor thesis called Solitude.

He designed Solitude, a pleasurable troublemaker that embodies several strategies of being alone and together at once.
Solitude is a sofa that makes several strategies of autonomy available in its sitting positions. Watching TV on the short bench is ineluctable connected to hug and cuddle. A familiar position for couples. However, both partners should be able to do something together and on their own (e.g. one partner is watching TV and the other one is reading a magazine). Solitude addresses all these activities and even enhances them. Even a serious discussion, face to face, is possible.

If you miss all these possible strategies in your partnership – take them. However, you can also use Solitude.