Experience projector

Experience Design lecture 2011 | 18 students | 9 CP
This project was accompanied by 3M Germany

First and foremost, micro projectors are only a technology. Of course, they are convenient, practical and maybe stylish. But whatever a company says, they do not address our emotions and needs. In our lecture were confronted to start with a predefined technology. Normally we start the other way around and think of meaningful experiences first. Taking this challenge, we started to think about meaningful experiences and what part a micro projector could take in it.


by Gary Kunkel and Bartosch Cylkowski


One example is Night.Hike by Garry Kunkel and Bartosch Cylkowski. Night.Hike is a flashlight that tells a story. A night hike is per se thrilling. Exploring the unknown in the dark is a stimulating experience. Night.Hike enriches and eases this experience at once. Starting from a location (e.g. at home) Night.Hike works like a regular flashlight. But every now and then it changes its light beam. Shadows, objects and mysterious forms flash over the light beam as if somebody is around. If it gets to thrilling, Night.Hike do not leave you alone in the dark. By turning around Night.Hike projects a straight path back home (without any disturbing and thrilling shadows). Night.Hike combines the need of stimulation and security.