Conscious eating

Experience Design lecture 2012/13 | 12 students | 9 CP

In our lecture we addressed the purchase, preparation and consumption of food. This topic is embedded in a wealth of social practices. For instance, gardeners are desperately searching for recipes and private consumers to deal with their seasonal vegetables. When it gets festive we set the table and light a candle and every now and then we cook together with friends. Another big issue are organic vegetables. We arrange fruit baskets, cold cuts or eat straight from the pot. But we also forget about food and leave it in the fridge until it starts to talk. We bake, cook, chop, wash, arrange and prepare.

But some of theses practices are not in line with nature or our wellbeing. We waste energy while cooking or having generous helpings. We eat too fast in front of the TV, although we know that having dinner together would be more pleasurable. In order to recreate, restructure or invent knew rituals and habits, we conducted the “Conscious Food” lecture.